Sunday, February 17, 2013


This week the assignment is to read Hine's piece titled The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager. 

Hine states that "Being a teenager isn't an identity but a predicament most people live through." How would this fit in with the other authors we have talked about so far?

How does Hine define a teenager? Are you surprised at the history of the word? How would this align with or challenge Raby and some of the class conversations we have had about the importance of language?

Would you agree that teenagers are "a social invention" as Hine names them? How is it different from the concept of youth?

How does Hine define the "rise" and "fall" concepts? (pg 7)

Hine names our ideas about teenagers as "Deeply contradictory"... how does this relate to course assumptions?

What is the role of the case study of the young woman at the prom in the bigger context of the article? The concept of teenagers?(p. 14) How does it relate to the info. on teen crime etc?

Does Hine offer a solution? If so, what is it?

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