Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kimmel and Mahler

Hi Folks,
Here are some questions to get you thinking about Kimmel and Mahler's claims.

What 4 claims do the authors make about the connections between high school shooters since 1982? p.1439

What do the authors name as hegemonic masculinity? How is it defined? p.1440

How does this factor into the main argument about adolescent masculinity and gender? p.1440

How does the discourse of violence inhibit the ability to stop or control it? What does Kimmel name as the "real" problem? How is this adolescent masculinity discourse different? p.1442

Kimmel names relationships between race and gender, and the school shooters, how does the discourse surrounding the root of the violence shift when the race of the shooter is changed? p. 1443

Considering the argument of the authors and the related evidence, what does this article teach us about the relationships between misogyny, homophobia, adolescent masculinity, and violence?

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