Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hi Folks,
This week three episodes of Glee were our class text. When completing your blog try to look at the episodes both individually and holistically. Think about what these episodes teach us about teenagers and their experiences.

Some themes and questions to consider:

What are the various representations of Masculinity and expressions of sexual orientation? Which characters help portray those representations? How are they similar or different? What would Kimmel say about these characters?

Raby taught us about the 5 different discourses surrounding teenage experience. How are those discourses represented here? Where do you see "the storm," "becoming" or "at risk" for example?

Last week in class we discussed pleasure and critique as well as Dominant and Resistant texts. Are these episodes helping to portray Dominant representations of teenagers? Are they resistant? Both? Which scenes help to show this? Think about this in relationship to Scwaamp if you need some guidance. Remember that Scwaamp represents dominant ideology.

Check out too, this article discussing Glee representations of school shootings and students with dis/abilities.

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  1. I also posted a clip about the Glee episode: Shooting Star, where there is a gun shooting, not too long after the Newtown shooter and parents are very disappointed with Glee and the Fox network for not reaching out to the community to tell them that this was happening, which is a reasonable request after such a horrible event only a few weeks earlier.